Bawdy Caste Ledger

This project is an attempt at plain-text accounting and overall financial management for the cast using hledger, ledger-cli, and some discord webhook thing to push up-to-date financial information to cast members in the #reports channel on our discord server.

Financial Secretary

Bawdy Caste Bylaws 5.4.2

the Financial Secretary shall:

  1. Maintain an accurate ledger, cast roster and account of dues.
  2. Solicit budget requests from departments every November and draft a proposed budget for the cast every year by the February membership meeting, to be voted upon by the cast.
  3. Present and circulate a financial report at each membership meeting.


Feb 25, 2024 creation of $4,000.00 fiscal reserve of restricted funds, accessible only by unanimous vote of cast council.
Jan 02, 2024 fiscal year will now run February through January, in alignment with the election of the financial secretary and the budgeting process.